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Jonathan graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Ouachita Baptist University. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. While he works for a contractor buying specialized tools, his passion is personal finance, frugal living, blogging, and stewardship.

Here’s my notes and some further thoughts on Darren Rowse’s Problogger Free Podcast on 31 Days to Building a Better Blog. You can listen to Darren Rowse’s free podcast here Day 28 Write a Review Post. The complete list of challenges can be read here on Day 0 – Welcome and Introduction

Become A Problogger with Darren Rowse

As I’ve mentioned before, to get the full benefit of this series I’m going to go at a slower pace by posting this series typically on Tuesdays each week. I hope with this challenge we are all able to improve our blogs and websites.

So lets do this together! Day 28 here we go! Subscribe and check back often! #31DBBB

Day 28: Today the challenge is to write review post.

For some of you this won’t be a big challenge as you write reviews on a regular basis. Your blog might even be all about reviewing products or services. For others, this will be something new. Many bloggers have never written a review.

Why Writing Review Posts Can Grow Your Blog

The first reason is that the Internet is used every day by millions of people. People just like you and me looking to make decisions, choosing between options, seeking advice about buying something, and to make sense of the array of choices they have in front of them. A large percentage of Google searches are searches for reviews and people’s opinions to help make those decisions. So writing a review post can be a way of being found by potential readers.

Reviews are also great for you to insert your opinions. On Day 19 we were challenged to give our opinion to set our blogs apart from other blogs in our respective niches.

There’s also an opportunity to monetize your blog. This can be done through promoting products as an affiliate or working with brands who want to reach audiences who are in a decision making mode.


Need Some Ideas? Examples of Review Topics

You might be wondering what to do if you think you niche doesn’t relate well to reviews. For almost every blog niche there is something you could write a review on. This could be something you could monetize, a product, a service, or something else.

  • For example, there’s a good chance that someone has written a book, magazine article, or eBook on the subject you are writing about.
  • If you write a personal blog you could also write a review of a movie, television show, another blog, a website, or a course.
  • If you are a food blogger perhaps write a review of a recipe or restaurant.
  • If you are a travel blogger perhaps write a review about a hotel or travel destination.
  • If you are style or fashion blogger you could review a new line of clothing or accessories.
  • If you are a political blogger you could write a review of a news article or a speech given by a politician.
  • If you are a tech blogger you could review one of the thousands of gadgets out there.
  • If you are a DIY (Do it yourself) blogger you could review a tool or equipment.
  • If you are an art blogger you could review a gallery, exhibition, or an artist’s latest work.
  • If you are a parenting blogger you could review a toy product or something relating to parenting kids.
  • If you are a music blogger you could review an instrument or an artist’s latest album.

14 Tips to Writing Good Reviews

1. Give your honest opinion.

Give your honest opinion of both the positives and negatives.

2. Give it a rating.

Say a number out of five or ten stars. So a fantastic rating for example would be five out of five stars. A bad rating would be one star out of five. This will guide the reader in making a decision on the product themselves.

3. Be balanced.

If the product is bad try to focus on some positive aspects of the product. Don’t just bash the product.

4. Make your post factual.

You should make your post factual regardless of how useful you found a product or service. But particularly if you are going to talk negatively about a product or service. Emotional language my stir the pot but may not be useful to your readers. Emotional language might also come across as less professional to your readers and might hurt your credibility.

5. Think key words.

What will people be searching Google for? Words like price, review, problems, compared to, or other key words might be good to incorporate into your review. You might even incorporate key words into the title of your post.

6. Make comparisons.

Are there alternatives to what you are writing about? Knowing how it compares to something else would be helpful for people as they make decisions by two or more products.

7. Use an affiliate link if possible.

This is one way to generate some income for your blog. Do disclose you are doing so if that is the case.

8. Product usefulness.

Tell the audience who this product is good and not good for. Is the product good for beginners or advance users?

9. Do be personal.

Tell a story of how you used the product. This makes relating to your review easier by your readership.

10. Use visuals.

Pictures and videos are really helpful. Don’t just the official pictures of the product. If you can take pictures or a video of how you actually used a product it can really be beneficial to your readership.

11. Give details.

Help people find out how they might buy, use, or find the product.

12. Invite others to share their opinions.

This can add a lot of value and usefulness of the review. Particularly if there are some well-written readers aren’t just getting your opinion but others opinions as well.

13. Provide disclosures.

Provide disclosures to your readership if you got the product for free, if you are being paid, or if you have any affiliate links, or conflicts of interest. Conflicts of interest could include reviewing a product that is your competitor, you are an investor in the product, you are the owner of the company selling the product, and finally if your friend is the owner of the product.

14. Keep your readership in mind.

When writing ultimately keep in mind your target audience. Are your readers advance or beginners? Are there questions in your review that perhaps you didn’t answer? Avoid not answering important questions for your readers by answering the following 6 questions.


6 Questions Every Review Should Answer 

  1. What does the product or service do?
  2. What does it do differently to others products?
  3. What does it do well?
  4. What does it not do well?
  5. Who is it for?
  6. Where can the reader buy it?

If you get another question in your comments or social media interactions update your blog post. Review posts can do a lot of good for your blog. Write a review and publish it to see how your readers respond.

Further Reading

Previous Writing Challenges in this Series

I would love to know how your readers responded to your review post and any further tips you might have. Feel free to link your review post below!

When was the last time you wrote a review post? What review post will you write this week?

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Jonathan graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Ouachita Baptist University. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. While he works for a contractor buying specialized tools, his passion is personal finance, frugal living, blogging, and stewardship.


    • Patrice, a review post can really be beneficial for your readers, your blog engagement, and the mobilization of your blog. And sharing your opinion sets your blog apart! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Miranda, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and found some new ideas to incorporate into your next review post. Using key words and giving ratings can be really useful to our readers. Also makes it easier to find the review as well. Thanks for pinning the post and for stopping by!

  1. Oh great tips! Good point, I haven’t been really writing reviews lately being sidetracked with all the different things I have to do with my blog especially after merging 2 blogs at once.

    This reminded me of what should be done once in awhile, thanks for reminding!

    • Lindsay, sounds like you’ve been busy! On day at a time. Yes, every now and again a good review post can be a great way to engage your readers. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Writing a review is great because it sparks conversation. It attracts people too, especially when your review is for something well known like a popular movie or book or even a game. People search for those in search engines and in return you get more visitors.

    • Elizabeth I would totally agree. Giving your opinion and reveling a product is a great way to get a conversation going. It does help with comments, SEO, and page views. It’s a great way to introduce your blog to others as well if done well. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I just love Pro Blogger! I haven’t done the podcast challenge, but I think I’m going to have to schedule some time to go through the lessons. Thanks for the recap!

    • Victoria, sounds like you have a good system! Yes, making a review a natural part of your blog can be helpful too. That said, I personally like review posts as I like to know up front the purpose of the post. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Susie, providing honest feedback can sometimes mean pointing out flaws in a product or issues that could arise. That said, it’s a lot easier I agree to point out the positives about products or services. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I love this idea! I’ve only done one “review” post and it’s on of my most popular posts to date! I’m really trying hard this month to schedule posts out ahead of time and I’ve been brainstorming ideas. Thanks for this reminder about how great review posts are!

    • Review posts can really create some good engagement on your blog. Scheduling posts ahead of time is a great idea too! Do you use an editorial calendar? Anna, thanks for commenting and reading!

  5. I love review posts! They are my favourite kinds of post to do on my beauty blog and people seem to really enjoy an honest opinion about an item. Review posts quite often make or break me buying a particular item!

    • Shaylee, sharing your honest opinion about an item is a great idea to set your blog apart. It’s true that review posts can make or break buying an item for our audience. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

  6. This is really great information. I write product reviews (mostly beauty products) all the time. Your tip on having 6 questions every review should answer is great and something I am definitely going to try and incorporate in my next review post. I usually only talk about 3 or 4 of those 6.

  7. Very informative! I enjoyed reading this post. Good job Jonathan! This is very helpful especially to new ones. I’m sure they are going to enjoy blogging with your guide list.

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