Create a Sneeze Page for Your Blog [Day 18 of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog from Problogger]

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Jonathan graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Ouachita Baptist University. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. While he works for a contractor buying specialized tools, his passion is personal finance, frugal living, blogging, and stewardship.

Here’s my notes on Darren Rowse’s Problogger Free Podcast on 31 Days to Building a Better Blog. You can listen to Darren Rowse’s free podcast here Day 18 Create a Sneeze Page for Your Blog. The complete list can read here on Day 0 – Welcome and Introduction.

Become A Problogger with Darren Rowse

To get the full benefit of this series I’m going to go at a slower pace by posting this series on Tuesdays each week. I hope with this challenge we are all able to improve our blogs and websites.

So lets do this together! Day 18 here we go! Subscribe and check back often! #31DBBB

Day 18: Today the challenge is to create a sneeze page linking your readers to your archived content.

A Sneeze Page really has the potential to drive people deeper into your blog into older posts that no longer get as many page views. It’s also great for SEO and ranking higher on Google. This also helpful in keeping those first time readers on your blog longer and in increasing page views.

I personally have used this method on both the The No Spend Challenge and on 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge. I periodically link back to those two sneeze pages to get readers to view some of my older and best content.

You can view some of Darren’s examples from his site Digital Photography School of sneeze pages in this podcast here.

Today is all about the potential to have huge and ongoing benefits for your blog. Darren coined this  term “sneeze page” back in 2009. The idea is really simple. Create a page or post that propels or “sneezes” people deep within your blog to read your archived posts.

If you’ve been blogging for more than a couple months now you have a problem if realize or not. You have created a lot of great content and spent hours in your effort to connect with others. Potentially, you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of posts in your archives. Each of these posts has had a moment of glory when it was your most recent post on your blog and when you promoted it on social media. At that point theses posts were on your front page. Gradually, these posts slide down on your page and they are rarely looked at again.

This happens with… Every. Single. Post. You. Write.

It can be a bit depressing if you think about it too much. So don’t dwell on that too long. Today is all about getting some attention back to some of your best, older posts. Those that really need or deserve to be read again and again.

4 Benefits of Sneeze Pages

Sneeze Page

1. Archives

The first benefit of this is that this sneeze page is it is going to show off your archives. This will bring your best posts back to life and keep traffic flowing back to them potentially for years to come.

2. SEO

A second benefit of creating a sneeze page would be good search engine optimization or SEO. This would help your posts to rank a little higher in Google for example. That would be the primary benefit of SEO. A secondary benefit if people are constantly seeing these posts it increases the chances that they’re going to be linked to from other sites or shared on social media.

3. Sticky Posts

A third benefit of creating a sneeze page is this helps your blog become “sticky”. This is another term for increasing the chances of someone stick around on your blog if they’re being exposed to lots of different good posts on your site.

4. Views Per Visit

The fourth benefit of a sneeze page is it does increase the views per visit. Instead of a viewer reading just one post per visit this might mean increasing that to two posts. This is good if you’re monetizing with ads and could help you reduce your bounce rate.

Darren specifically talks about the Themed Sneeze page or post. This is where you create a page or post that gathers all your best content on a single idea or theme.

First Sneeze Page Example

The first sneeze page Darren mentions is on his site Digital Photography School that has a page titled Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials for Beginners. This page is always in the top 10 posts that are being used according to the Google analytics. There’s a really short introduction which introduces the idea of the page. Then there’s a list of links that really relate to a beginner photographer. This page is prominently linked in the site’s navigation menu and Darren constantly links to this page when anytime he mentions “beginner tips.” Darren is also constantly sharing this post to social media. There are 30-40 different links to beginner tips. Anyone landing on that page is clicking on and viewing 10, 20, 30 or more links with each visit. By the end of their visit the reader has really gone deep into the site’s archives.

In addition, there’s calls to action including to subscribe to the blog and the newsletter. This page generates the highest number of subscribers. There’s also a call to action to buy the course offered that highly relates to the topic.

Second Sneeze Page Example

The other sneeze post Darren mentions in the podcast is a post written in 2009 entitled 21 Settings, Techniques, and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know. So this post is 6 years old and is still one of the most popular posts both in Google searches and social media. This post summarizes 21 key things new photographers need to learn. In some ways it’s similar to the first link for beginners but for each of the key points Darren writes a paragraph while linking to another post at the end of the paragraph. He links to this post from other parts of the blog and he shares semi-regularly to social media.

The sneeze page or post something Darren uses prolifically including portrait photography tips, landscape photography tips, photographing babies, poses, etc. Almost all the main categories on Digital Photography School have a sneeze page to drive traffic and engage readers.

Further Ideas and Advice

You could do a wrap up or look back on your sites top 5 or 10 posts in the last few months.

If you are new blogger create simple sneeze page and don’t overthink it. If you only have a few links on the topic so far consider including to other blogger’s links for the time being. Then come back in a few months to edit and add your new content.

If you’ve been blogging for a while maybe you will have several options. Do come back to this sneeze page in 3 or 4 months to update it.

Okay great! Now that you have created the sneeze page… Now what?

Driving Traffic to Your Sneeze Page

Ask these questions about your newly created sneeze page:

  1. How will you drive traffic to this sneeze page?
  2. Will you link to it from your sidebar or menu?
  3. Will you find 10 posts in your archives that you will link back to your sneeze page from?
  4. How often will you share this sneeze page on social media?
  5. Perhaps a good idea would be to share it to Facebook or Twitter once a month?

Remember that it’s important that you push people to this sneeze page. This is your best content after all.

Further Resources:

Previous Challenges in this Series:

Ready to create your Sneeze Page? What is a topic that you believe is key to your niche? What type of sneeze page or post will you create today?

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Jonathan graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Ouachita Baptist University. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. While he works for a contractor buying specialized tools, his passion is personal finance, frugal living, blogging, and stewardship.


    • Andi, lol you’re funny. Yes, it can be very beneficial to link back to some of your best, most useful, archived content. A bit like your throwback Thursday’s on a larger scale. Pointing readers to multiple posts and giving them a choice on what to click on. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. I never thought of doing this before. That makes perfect sense, I mean you can drive traffic while you showcase your old blog posts, why not!

    • Angie, thanks for checking us out! Yes, check it out and try your own. I think you will find it beneficial both for your readers and generating traffic for your blog. Thanks for reading!

  2. I think I have what you call a sneeze page but it is called something else – cornerstone. I have a topic that is niche for me – a topic that I really know – and I created a page for it and have links back to it and it lists several of my articles, which I add to as soon as I post new articles. Great post again sir! 🙂
    Claudette recently posted…A Different Kind Of GivingMy Profile

  3. Sounds super interesting. I Kinda think it could also be similar to a blog round up, only you are doing it for YOUR OWN POSTS! it is a brilliant idea esp if yo pick a category and create a link post aka “Sneeze page” and of course link it to the original posts. Switch out images and also update said posts. Awesome share Jonathan!

  4. Another great one! I was surprised how many people have never heard of a sneeze page before – they are such a great tool, especially when I guest post on other blogs – I can link to my sneeze page that is unique to the audience that guest post attracted. So effective!


  5. Such great advice. I am still new at blogging and only have about 10 posts but I have already tried linking back to other posts if I can figure out a smooth way to mention that other post within my current post. It’s a great way to keep the traffic coming and staying for a while 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    Anna Harris recently posted…Holiday Sneak PeekMy Profile

    • Anna, As you build your content this can be very beneficial tool. You have a great blog going and looking forward to reading more of your content. Thank you for stopping by and for commenting!

    • Lisa, glad you found this helpful. Yes, this kind of thing can be very helpful both the new bloggers and veterans. Let me know if I can help you! Thank you for reading and commenting.

  6. Haha, I love the name (and the meaning). I had started doing a sneeze page, but have sadly neglected to update it or consider the real value. This is getting put onto my ‘to-do’ list! Thanks, Jonathan. #SharetheWealth

    Charissa recently posted…Pinterest Game #22aMy Profile

  7. Wow! I had never heard of the term “sneeze page” *gasp* as a blogger maybe I should be ashamed. I guess we have one, sort of? We have a page that has all of our “projects” we have shared – categorized differently than elsewhere in the blog. I’d like to hope that someone would go in there and find old posts, but maybe we do not do that well enough. So I’m curious if this will come up in the next segment but how DO you drive traffic to your sneeze page? Thanks for sharing at Welcome Home Wednesday, this was a very valuable read!
    Sam // DIY Just Cuz recently posted…Coffee Table Upcycle: Before & AfterMy Profile

    • Sam thanks for stopping by! I typically drive traffic to my sneeze page by linking the two series (No Spend Challenge and 31 Days to Build a Better Blog) to social media once or twice a month.

    • Rose, I’m a bit partial to Problogger too! Yes it’s a great thing if you can learn something new each day. You should totally make a sneeze page. See if it drives traffic to your older, best content too. Thanks for reading!

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